Westley Richards, London. Absolutely magnificent cased pair of .50 cal. percussion target pistols completed ca. 1841 - SOLD

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Westley Richards, London. Absolutely magnificent cased pair of .50 cal. percussion target pistols completed ca. 1841. Overall length of each pistol is approximately 15 ¾”.  Beautiful, 10” long, damascus barrels retain 100% of the original rich brown finish and bores are mint showing no evidence of ever having been fired. Superb locks have an external sliding safety and each tumbler is fitted with a fly to directly facilitate accuracy. Locks, hammers, breeches, false breeches, and trigger plates all retain 100% of the original hardening colors. Trigger guards retain 100% of the original brilliant black finish and the precision, single set, triggers retain 100% of the original fire blue. The highly figured stocks, with beautifully sculpted horn forend caps, retain virtually 100% of the original varnish and the iron butt caps retain all the original hardening colors. The pair of pistols are in the original maker’s mahogany case along with a complete complement of accessories, some of which are very rare in their own right, all remaining in virtually mint, unused, condition. Among the accessories are a mint condition bullet mould even retaining most of the original fire blue finish, an original bag of Westley Richards percussion caps with a rare original paper label, and an ultra rare sprue cutter specially fashioned to cut the sprue from a .50 cal., fresh-from-the-mould, lead ball in such a way that no part of the sprue remains above the surface of the ball to disrupt air flow which would adversely affect accuracy.
   The stocks of each pistol have, just behind the false breech tang, a silver escutcheon bearing the name, G. M. Hutton, and they were, almost undoubtedly, at one time the property of Gaun McRobert Hutton, a fairly prominent business man in Baltimore during the mid-19th century.
  Westley Richards’ workmanship was considered by many sportsmen of the day, including that most highly regarded authority on sporting guns, Col. Peter Hawker, to be equal to, if not surpassing, that turned out by all of the greatest English gunmaker’s of that period including the likes of James Purdey, John and Joseph Manton, and Samuel and Charles Smith. This magnificent cased pair of pistols, in absolutely mint original condition throughout, remain as a testament to Westley Richards’ unsurpassed skill in the gunmaker’s art and you will never have the opportunity to own a finer pair of target pistols by any British maker.

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