Martin Safari Chair (SOLD OUT!)

Martin Safari Chair (SOLD OUT!)
Martin Safari Chair (SOLD OUT!)
Martin Safari Chair (SOLD OUT!)

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Our Martin Safari Chair captures the essence of the classic campaign style of furniture by cleverly uniting functional simplicity with elegance and comfort. Solid rosewood is hand selected for optimum grain figuring and sturdy brass joints are hand made and expertly fitted to create the unique frame that effortlessly expands like an accordion.

Durable buffalo hide leather reinforced corners of the rugged canvas seat quickly slip over the frame. In seconds you can relax fashionably in a soothing semi-reclining position. To stow simply pull up on the brass bars with your foot and compress the frame, wrap the seat around it, slide it into the carrying case, and you are ready to go in a moments notice. This may be our handiest chair ever, weighing in at only 10 pounds you can tote it with you anywhere and so compact it can be stored in the tightest of quarters.

Brilliant in your home or office, yet so versatile it is equally ideal for a multitude of other settings. Have a few on hand so you can share them with your buddies at your next sporting event, rally around the campfire with your comrades, set the trend at your next backyard barbecue, gather on the porch with your family and friends, toast a toddy at a beach bonfire, or watch the sunset from your yacht. Designed to be a true world traveler, it's raring to go wherever and whenever you are.

Currently offered in chocolate brown leather trimmed khaki canvas.
Dimensions: 24" deep, 20" wide, 31" tall
Seat height 17"
Frame when folded: 3" x 5.5" x 36"

Price: $595.00
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