Gold Inlaid Planter's Axe

This is our exact reproduction of an original tool popular in the Eastern English colonies during the Victorian era and is also referred to in catalogs of the 1870's as a "Planter's Axe." Our version has a hand-forged Damascus steel blade, brass head, solid rosewood shaft and brass end with a pointed steel tip. Our expert craftsmen have added a luxurious gold inlay detail around both sides of the blade for a splendid finish. Notice that the blade is quickly removable and can be rapidly placed in one of several different configurations for chopping, hoeing, pruning, weeding, planting, or use simply as a walking stick (after replacing the leather guard over the cutting edge, of course!). The flat brass end of the head can be used as a hammer. The shaft marked in centimeters on one side and inches on the other was used to quickly measure the depth at which crops were planted. Equally at home in the hands of a woodsman, gardener, horticulturalist, camper, or hiker. This magnificent tool is always a pleasure to use or to simply admire for its functional beauty and quality. Absolutely the finest quality in every detail.

Just a reminder ALL of our Damascus steel knives are hand forged to final shape, then the cutting edge only is ground sharp on an emery wheel. Most of the inexpensive "Damascus" knives on the market today are ground down to shape from a machine-forged billet and are of vastly inferior quality and performance. As with many of the items on our website, all of our knives are completely handmade, and can never be mass produced.

Price: $680.00
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