Joseph Manton, London.  Rare early 16-bore fowling piece, #1906, made in 1803. - SOLD

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Joseph Manton, London.  Rare early 16-bore fowling piece, #1906, made in 1803 as a flintlock and later converted to percussion ignition by Joseph Manton. Weight: 5 lbs. 4 oz.  Stock Dimensions:  14 1/8” LOP.  Superb 33” three-stage damascus barrel, held in the forestock by two wedges, retains all the beautiful brown finish from the time of conversion. Bore is absolutely brilliant and mint measuring  .665” with a minimum wall thickness of  .082”. The Manton Patent percussion breech with inlaid gold band and Manton gold poincon retains all the original hardening colors. The original lock, altered by Manton to percussion ignition, retains all the color hardening from the conversion and is, both mechanically and esthetically, in mint condition. The false breech and mounts were refinished at some later date and there is a small chip of wood missing from the left barrel channel near the breech, otherwise, the gun remains in mint condition exactly as redone by Manton at the time of conversion. The maker’s case, with proper trade label for the 1797-1805 period,  is the original case from 1803 that was altered slightly to fit the percussion lock and breech and contains a good compliment of accessories. Both the case lid escutcheon and the silver wrist escutcheon bear the initials “JJ”.  Overall a beautiful set in exceptional condition by one of the greatest gunmaker’s that ever lived.  Should the purchaser desire, the missing sliver of wood in the stock will be properly repaired by us at no charge.

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