L.C. Smith. Rare early 12ga. "Long Range" waterfowl gun, ca. 1924 - Price $5250

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L.C. Smith. Rare 12ga., 3“ chamber, “Long Range” waterfowl gun made in 1924 and remaining in near mint original condition throughout. Weight: 8 ¼ Lbs.  Stock Dimensions: 14”x 1 ½”x 2 ¾”x straight.  Superb 32” barrels with 3” chambers have brilliant mint bores (.728”/.729”), choked .037”/.037”, with minimum wall thickness .040”/.040” and retaining 98% of the original black finish. Sights consist of ivory beads at the barrel mid-point and muzzle. Most of the original hardening colors remain on the action, locks, and even on the breach face which shows little evidence of having been fired. Original stock shows little evidence of use. Double triggers and extractors. These “Long Range” guns were never manufactured in great quantity and it is exceedingly rare to find one from the first year of production in mint original condition.

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