Holland and Holland, London. Superb .375 H&H Magnum on a rare "take-down" action - SOLD

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Holland and Holland, London. Superb .375 H&H Magnum big game rifle on a rare “take-down” Mauser action.  Weight 8 ¾ Lbs. with period Griffin and Howe scope mounts.  13 7/8” LOP.  25” barrel with mint bore retains much of the original black finish. Quarter rib with fixed rear sight marked 50 - 200 yards, and a single folding leaf marked for 350 yards. Ramp front sight with original folding hood. The open sights visible beneath the scope mounts. Original stock with old original Silver’s butt pad and original spare front sight in the pistol-grip cap compartment. This rifle is a true classic retaining most of the original finish and chambered for the most popular all around African big game caliber ever devised.

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