Dickson snd Son, Edinburgh. Rare 16ga. "Round Action" Game Gun - SOLD

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John Dickson, Edinburgh. Extremely rare, light weight, assisted opening, 16ga. “Round Action” game gun, ca. 1962. Weight 5 lbs.12 oz. Stock Dimensions: 14 5/8”x 1 3/8”x 2 ¼”x ¼” cast-off. Superb 27 ½” chopper lump barrels have 2 ¾” chambers with long forcing cones. Mint bores measuring .658”/.658”, choked .006”/.013”, and walls .034”/.032”. Typical highly sculpted action is nicely engraved and retains 80-90% original case colors. 95% original black on barrels and much of the original brilliant fire blue remains on the small parts. Third fastener, double triggers, ejectors, and automatic safety. Beautiful wood with all original finish and checkered horn butt plate. Original maker’s case and accessories. Overall little used and likely the finest 16ga. Dickson “Round Action” you will ever have the opportunity to own.

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