F. P. Devisme, Paris.  Magnificent Cased Pair of Target Pistols, ca. 1850 - SOLD

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Devisme, Paris. Superb cased pair of ebony stocked .47 cal. French Target Pistols, ca. 1850.  Overall length 15 ½”.  Beautiful, gold inlaid rifled octagonal barrels have absolutely brilliant, mint, bores and retain virtually 100% of the original lustrous black finish. Profusely deep relief engraved locks are of absolutely peerless quality. Tumblers are equipped with a fly and triggers are crisp and extremely light. All steel mounts engraved en suite. Stocks are of solid ebony (not black painted walnut) and profusely deep relief carved in baroque floral and grotesque mask patterns. All original accessories including a set of spare nipples, brass loading rod, ebony cleaning rod, ebony loading mallet, powder measure, combination turnscrew/nipple wrench, ebony cap and patch containers, and beautifully constructed, case hardened, bullet mould with integral automatic sprue cutter. Cased in the original rich dark walnut case with profuse brass inlays in the lid and rich red, gold trimmed, crushed velvet lining. Overall an absolutely stunning set of pistols in mint condition throughout.

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